Bernard Hopkins: 'MMA is gay porn!'

When it comes to the UFC and mixed martial arts, B-Hop is very clear. He just doesn't like it, 'I don't want to watch two grown men wrestling with panties on, sweating, with nuts in their face.' This was back in 2009 before he was the oldest man to ever hold a major world title, he may have mellowed a bit by now.

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When Rashad Evans met B-Hop

With the biggest fight of his career facing him tonight we’re wondering if former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans will be remembering any of the advice WBC light-heavyweight champ Bernard Hopkins bestowed upon him last time out. B-Hop shows him how to throw the lead right out of nowhere and box in the pocket; boxing skills Rashad might just need to call upon against the formidable Jon ‘Bones’ Jones later tonight.

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Hopkins and Tarver trade words

Former foes and current world champions Bernard Hopkins and Antonio Tarver engaged in a war of words on social network site Twitter, re-igniting their an ongoing feud the pair have shared since their meeting in 2006.

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Hopkins: ‘Dawson fight not TV friendly’

WBC light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins has thrown doubt on his mandated rematch with Chad Dawson claiming the contest is not his best option economically.

Hopkins and Dawson were ordered to fight a rematch after their first clash ended controversially when B-hop picked up a shoulder injury from being thrown to the canvas by ‘Bad’ Chad.

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Hopkins vs Dawson press conference pictures

Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson both made weight for their WBC light-heavyweight title contest in Staples Center, Los Angeles tonight.

Challenger Dawson came in a tad heavier at 174.2lbs while champion Hopkins drove another stake into the heart of Father Time, coming in in pristine condition at 173.4lbs.

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Bernard Hopkins media workout pictures

WBC light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins continued to defy time as he showed off his pristine shape ahead of his title defence against Chad Dawson this weekend.

The record-breaking veteran bragged about his physical condition telling those in attendance, ‘Being 46 and sexy with the body of a 25-year-old, I think is pretty impressive.’

Bernard Hopkins the record breaker

Decorated fighter Bernard Hopkins continues to break records by becoming the first fighter to be honoured with a wax work by wacky museum Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Here HBO look back at the many feats of the veteran ringmaster ahead of his history-making October 15 dual with Chad Dawson. Featuring commentary from B-Hop himself, trainer Nazim Richardson and boxing historian Bert Sugar.

Hopkins vs Dawson New York presser pictures

Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson took their Believe It or Not! roadshow to New York yesterday to announce their October 15 title clash outside the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, for brand synergy.

Having diagnosed Dawson as a quitter in times of hardship, Hokins went on to criticise his last two performances and implore the younger man to show how much he wants it on fight night.

Hopkins vs Dawson press conference pictures

WBC light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins and challenger Chad Dawson came together outside the Staple Center in Los Angeles, California, yesterday afternoon to announce their upcoming title fight on October 15.

Veteran Hopkins wasted no time in getting in his junior opponents head, lamenting Dawson, who is 17 years younger, for blaming past failures in the ring on unspecified ‘problems’.