Butterbean gets reality TV show

Former heavyweight boxer Eric Esch, more commonly known as Butterbean, is set to star in his very own reality TV show on Discovery channel offshoot Investigation Discovery in the US.

The show follows the boxer that barreled into the ring in the ‘90s like a 400lbs-wrecking ball clad in American flag shorts, as he takes his tough guy reputation to the streets of his hometown where he’s been trained as a deputy sheriff.

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10-Count Quiz: Carl Froch

Having recently lost his WBC super middleweight title in a disputable decision in Denmark against Mikkel Kessler, Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch is a man who has to do it all the hard way again. Fighting out of Nottingham, Froch was unfortunate enough to be a young knockout kid in a division were the best fighters were hitting their twilight years.