Froch: ‘I’ll be remembered more than Calzaghe’

Three-time super-middleweight world champion Carl Froch now believes he has surpassed British greats like Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, and will go down in the history books on top of undefeated legend Joe Calzaghe.

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10-Count Quiz: John Murray

If you thought boxing fanatics were sitting around twiddling their thumbs in Manchester since the Pacquiao-enforced ring sabbatical of hometown hero Ricky Hatton, then you would be wrong.

One man keeping them busy is European lightweight champion John Murray. And if the old adage of history repeating itself rings true then the 30-0, hard-hitting pressure fighter will be keeping them away from home as well in the coming years.

Jeff Lacy’s brother involved in police shooting

The older brother of Jeff Lacy, Hydra Lacy Jr, was found dead yesterday in the home of a relative after a morning shootout with St. Petersburg, Florida, police that took the lives of two officers.

The incident began at around 7am on Monday morning when officers visited a Florida home to serve a warrant on Hydra Lacey. On arrival they were told the suspect was holed up in the attic and were then shot at as they tried to coax him out.

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