20 Great Boxing Quotes

Many of the greatest boxers are men of few words who do their talking in the ring. Not for them the long drawn out press conferences and the endless sound bites for the TV.

Luckily for fight fans however, there are always fighters who are as devastatingly efficient at delivering a putdown in or out of the ring. Many of the most spiteful, sly digs often land weeks before the first bell rings, but then sometimes there are those who can sum up the fight game in one emotive, poignant sentence. Here are 20 of our favourite classic quotes.

Top 5 Knockouts - Thank you and goodnight

As much as we love the craft and the art of pugilism, the skill and the mathematical tactics in the ring, there's  nothing quite like a showstopping knockout. That spilt second when your man catches his opponent flush on the jaw and a wobble turns to 'could somebody please get my coat'. Here are five absolute belters.

5. MIKE TYSON vs Trevor Berbick

Tea With Tyson

Ever wondered where Mike Tyson stands on the Earl Grey Vs Chamomile tea debate? Ever lay awake at night questioning whether Iron Mike would send a wedding present to a wedding he couldn't attend? Well the panic's over, because thanks to Reese Waters and the geniuses at www.versus.com we don't have to wonder any more. Mike tears a gaping hole in his chest and lays his soul bare in this interview.

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Mike Tyson training Justin Bieber

Having been in the Money Team corner for Floyd Mayweather’s recent mega-fight with Miguel Cotto it seems pop star extraordinaire Justin Bieber has got the taste for the noble art. Here is recent footage of him hitting the heavy bag in Mike Tyson’s garage while the former undisputed heavyweight king does his best Bundini Brown impression.

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Warren and the WBC in war of words

Frank Warren and the World Boxing Council (WBC) have become embroiled in a war of words after the organising body became the latest boxing authority to wade in the David Haye vs Dereck Chisora debate.

The WBC came out in support of the British Boxing Board of Control yesterday as they threatened to expel any person or organisation involved with the proposed fight between Haye and Chisora.

Luxembourg Boxing Federation hits out at BBBofC

The Luxembourg Boxing Federation has defended its role in sanctioning the David Haye vs Dereck Chisora fight in an open letter to British Boxing Board of Control general secretary Robert Smith, in which they lamented the Board for trying to ‘intimidate’ licence holders involved with the show.

Tyson one-man show on Conan

Mike Tyson was on Conan to talk about his upcoming one-man show, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth Live On Stage, hitting the MGM Grand in Las Vegas from April 13-18. The former ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ went through some of the stories he talks about in the show giving a brilliant sneak peak of what is in stall for theatre goers.

Mike Tyson on Why ‘Jesus Reigns Supreme’

Warren pens open letter to WBC

Earlier this week the WBC declared that they would be banning Brit heavyweight Dereck Chisora indefinitely and scraping him from their rankings following his behaviour in Munich a fortnight ago.