Spencer Fearon: ‘I’m Britain’s best looking promoter!’

His shows are acclaimed for being a throwback to the good ol’ days when two fighters at the top of their game got in the ring and entertained the audience regardless of records or belts. A media personality that has worked for Setanta Sports, he has long been dubbed the loudest mouth in the sport. And a promoter with as keen an eye for a sharp suit as a good matchup, he is the self-proclaimed most stylish man in boxing. Now Hard Knocks boss Spencer Fearon tells Boxing Futures to add ‘best looking promoter’ to his CV…

Bunce and Kerr back for Mayweather vs Ortiz

Having landed their biggest main event boxing show to date, independent pay-per-view broadcasters Primetime will try to match the action in the ring by reuniting fan favourites Steve Bunce and Andy Kerr in the studio hot seat.

Bunce Pt 2: 'Hopkins didn't scare me and Kellerman is just crap!'

More Steve Bunce, this time the boxing scribe talks facing down a Bernard Hopkins tirade, interviewing Mike Tyson and not rating HBO commentator Max Kellerman at all!

Steve, after the demise of Setanta and your show going off air there was a sort of public outcry to get you back on the box. What is it about Buncy that everyone loves?