Pacquiao: ‘Mayweather only thing stopping our fight’

WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao has shifted the blame back on rival Floyd Mayweather for not being able to make the fight everyone wants to see.

With the pendulum of blame having nestled more in the Filipino superstar’s camp of late after Mayweather’s very public pursuit of the fight earlier this year, Pacquiao shot back accusing his undefeated counterpart of moving the goalposts on financials.

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Froch destroys Bute

Carl Froch ripped up the formbook and put the bookies out of pocket on Saturday night by annihilating previously undefeated Lucian Bute inside five rounds to win the IBF super-middleweight title.

Both fighter’s had promised a spectacular show and spectacular it was but only one man performed on the night and that was hometown boy Froch in front of a packed house at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham.

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Sugar Ray Leonard interviews Manny Pacquiao

Sugar Ray Leonard talks to Manny Pacquiao, one boxing superstar to another. Pacquiao talks about watching Leonard on Beta tapes, having the same impact he had in boxing as a public servant, Tim Bradley, and his kids requesting that he fight and beat Floyd Mayweather before he retires.

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Sugar Ray Leonard interviews Tim Bradley

Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard sits down with light-welterweight champ Tim Bradley ahead of the biggest test of his career. Leonard says he sees himself in Bradley in terms of the juncture he is at his career, Bradley talks about the time the legend dropped in on one of his training sessions as an amateur, and the whole thing is more an old guard to new school love-in than interview.

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Duran movie to star De Niro and Usher

The long-awaited biopic about Panama's greatest fighter, Roberto Duran, is scheduled to begin filming on June 4 in Puerto Rico.

The big-budget ‘Hands of Stone’ will feature Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal as the Hall of Fame fighter who, over the course of a 33-year career, won world titles at lightweight, welterweight, light-middleweight, and middleweight.

Hunter: ‘We took titles from Khan, watch the tape’

Having slipped every jab, thrown every left to the body and felt every right counter with his protégé in his first fight with Amir Khan, Lamont Peterson’s trainer Barry Hunter is preparing to do it all again, this time away from the comfort of his hometown. We caught up with the amiable cornerman to find out his thoughts on the first fight, the rematch and everything in between…

Steward says Leonard vs Hearns made in 30 mins

Legendary trainer Emanuel Steward has lambasted the business of modern day boxing claiming it only took him 30 minutes to make the Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns mega-fight back in the golden era of the 80’s.

Amateur Night: Jordan Reynolds

Name: Jordan Reynolds
Age: 16
Club: West Ham ABC
Record: 13-2 (62-68kg)
Notes: Finalist of Junior ABA’s 2011, Luton Young Sportsman of the Year 2012

How often are you training?

10-Count Quiz: Kerry Hope

If Kerry Hope’s European middleweight title win on the weekend was like something out of a Hollywood movie that’s because the Merthyr Tydfil man rewrote the script himself.

Spencer Fearon: ‘I’m Britain’s best looking promoter!’

His shows are acclaimed for being a throwback to the good ol’ days when two fighters at the top of their game got in the ring and entertained the audience regardless of records or belts. A media personality that has worked for Setanta Sports, he has long been dubbed the loudest mouth in the sport. And a promoter with as keen an eye for a sharp suit as a good matchup, he is the self-proclaimed most stylish man in boxing. Now Hard Knocks boss Spencer Fearon tells Boxing Futures to add ‘best looking promoter’ to his CV…