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Spencer Fearon: ‘I’m Britain’s best looking promoter!’ | Boxing Futures

Spencer Fearon: ‘I’m Britain’s best looking promoter!’

Written by - Mar 14, 2012

His shows are acclaimed for being a throwback to the good ol’ days when two fighters at the top of their game got in the ring and entertained the audience regardless of records or belts. A media personality that has worked for Setanta Sports, he has long been dubbed the loudest mouth in the sport. And a promoter with as keen an eye for a sharp suit as a good matchup, he is the self-proclaimed most stylish man in boxing. Now Hard Knocks boss Spencer Fearon tells Boxing Futures to add ‘best looking promoter’ to his CV…

Spencer, would you say you’re the most charismatic promoter in the country?
I'm the best looking that’s for sure! But I’m not just the most charismatic in boxing; I’m charismatic in anything I do. A lot of people have my personality but they don't know how to express themselves, I know how to express myself. You just have to look at our shows to understand the personality, Hard Knock shows are always sold out and they’re always bubbling. I'm not like Marmite and you're not either going to love me or hate me, most people like me. In fact 98 percent of people love me and the two percent of people that don't love me is because they feel inferior about their own complexities in themselves cos all I do is emphasize how crap their life is.

How is the TV deal with Premier Sports going?
We've got a six-fight TV deal and we’ve done one show so five to go. It’s brilliant, Premier Sports is really giving us a platform to show people what we’re about. Anybody who sees are shows now are like 'Wow this is the phenomenon that Boxing News was going on about, this is the phenomenon that Boxing Monthly were going on about.' The audience will get bigger every show and if you’re not at our show now that means you're a hater, so you've got to come out and support!

When is the next show?
The next show is on Friday, March 23 at the Troxy, 490 Commercial Road by Limehouse station. We’ve got Choi ‘The Mongolian Warrior’ fighting for the WBC silver international title and it’s going to be incredible! Get there, be a part of the energy, get there early to get a seat so you can be part of this. This is a real movement and people don't understand that the revolution is not something that is of a physical being, the revolution is your mental state. And I'm giving a revolution of a mental state and bringing boxing to a new kind of plateau. Everyone is saying 'we want to see good fights', all the people want is to be entertained. It doesn't matter if you’ve got two guys fighting each other who have not got winning records but let the fight be entertaining, don't bore the people. I tell every fighter who comes on my show I’ll pay you 10 percent more if you fight 20 percent better.

Have the other promoters taken well to you and your revolution?
Let's be real, I don't know any other promoters of ethnic minority in this country that are doing what I'm doing and the way I'm doing it. So therefore I get a lot of love from my community. I was a boxer; a lot of promoters haven't been boxers. I can sit down and I know exactly what fighters are going through cos I've been there. So it’s not about how other promoters take me, it doesn't really bother me. Me and any other promoter can be good friends as long as they are promoting to the best of their abilities. As long as you're not cheating the public then I got a lot of love for you. Dave Coldwell, Eddie Hearn, George and Francis Warren, I've got a lot of love for these guys, they're promoting the thing that I love. And I don't wish those guys downfall because if they have a downfall its not good for boxing. I wish every show can be energetic like mine.

If you could change anything in boxing, what would it be?
That it could reach a wider audience like when it was on terrestrial TV. Like the days when you had it going out on shows like World of Sport and Grandstand, and people knew who the Southern Area champion was. We don’t even know who British champions are now let alone Southern Area. But the most hurtful thing about boxing I wish I could change is to stop fighters worrying about this magical ‘0’. You had great fighters from back in the day who all lost fights. Ezzard Charles lost fights, Sugar Ray Robinson lost fights, and these are two of the greatest fighters of all time. Mike McCallum lost fights, Sugar Ray Leonard lost fights, Marvin Hagler lost fights, Muhammad Ali lost fights – it doesn’t matter unless you’re fighting the best. Everybody wants to claim that they’re the best but don’t want to fight the best. So I look for fighters that go out and say ‘I don’t care if I lost a fight, have I still got star attraction?’ If you’ve got that and still go out and give 110 percent then you’re going to get 110 percent of the fans.

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