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Amateur Night: Jordan Reynolds | Boxing Futures

Amateur Night: Jordan Reynolds

Written by - Mar 27, 2012

Name: Jordan Reynolds
Age: 16
Club: West Ham ABC
Record: 13-2 (62-68kg)
Notes: Finalist of Junior ABA’s 2011, Luton Young Sportsman of the Year 2012

How often are you training?
Because the ABAs start this weekend I’ve been training everyday from Monday to Friday. Training is from 5.30pm to about 8.30pm, and it is intense! I travel down to West Ham from Luton everyday but I love going there. It’s like a family, its really respectful and there’s no messing around, you’re there to train and everyone’s serious about that.

What is a normal day like for you?
I wake up at 5am, go for my runs, and then get back home and go back to bed. Then I’ll get up at a normal time and go to college, where I am studying personal training. After college I go training for a few hours and then go home, relax a bit and straight to bed, then do it all again the next day! The schedule was really difficult at first but when you want something bad enough you get through it. Even on weekends, I’ll give myself one day to rest and then I’ll be in Graham Earl’s gym in Luton practicing all the stuff I learnt that week at West Ham.

Pretty full on schedule – what has that done to the social life?
I was close with my boys, going out doing all the bad stuff but I had to leave it all behind. I thought I want to be something. I don’t want to be hanging around the streets robbing people and smoking weed. So I’m just focused on my boxing.

How strict is the diet?
I’ve got a nutritionist, who set up a diet for me a while ago. It’s simply a lot of carbs and protein, and a lot of pasta! I cook it most of it myself, I just get my mum to make all the sauces.

Who is your favourite fighter to watch at the moment?
All the top fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Kell Brook has been good to watch recently as well. But I prefer watching the old fighters like Pernell Whitaker and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Which professional fighter would you most liken yourself to?
People say I’m a lot like Andy Lee or Felix Sturm. Because I was brought up in a pro gym and now I’m in an amateur gym my style is a bit different. I’ve had about 13 amateur fights and all of them have been in the ABAs. Before you go to the championship you’ve got to have two fights, I stopped my first guy and I went straight into ABAs.

You’ll be looking to go one better at the ABAs this year, who is in your way?
There’s a kid in my weight who is one of my main rivals, his name is Isaac McCloud. He beat me in the first final and he’s like a golden boy for England, and won a silver medal at the World Championship. He’s a top kid and hopefully I’ll get the chance to avenge my loss.