Wlad Klitschko: ‘Fury and Price are true heavyweights’

Written by - May 24, 2012

Having taken a break from his training camp for his upcoming multi-belt title defence against Tony Thompson to promote the UK release of his documentary film, Wladimir Klitschko spoke to Boxing Futures about why he’s no Ivan Drago, the Haye vs Chisora ‘freak show’, and what he thinks of Tyson Fury and David Price.

Wladimir, are there any actors out there that could play you and your brother if they ever made a Hollywood biopic version of your life story?
I never thought about a Hollywood style movie about our lives but if we will exaggerate our minds for that type of movie its going to be difficult to play the Klitschko brothers because you have to find two dudes that are tall and look seriously alike… its probably impossible.

Have you thought about a career in Hollywood when you hang up the gloves – you’d make a great Bond villain?
Do you think someone my size has a chance to be in Hollywood? They would have to change all the sets and all the other actors are going to look really small so I don’t think so. But saying that I’ve had cameos in a few movies and now with the Klitschko film as well, I know what it is all about. Thanks to the sport I get to learn of the qualities of being an actor.

You and your brother have sometimes been compared to Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, is that a fair comparison?
No this comparison is definitely wrong we’re not Ivan Drago but Rocky is definitely something that has to do with life and sport because sometimes you’re the underdog and you have to fight to change that. I think also Rocky does it for Adrian, for his love, and that’s what we do in love, we’re trying to conquer a female’s heart with our success, either in the ring or outside the ring.

You described the Haye vs Chisora fight as a freak show, is there not a little part of you that wants to see it?
Well I don’t want to promote the fight but one thing is for sure this fight is sending a wrong message to the young people. It says the more you misbehave, the more you disrespect the rules, the more money you’re going to get paid. I’m against this fight, especially when it’s happening on British soil after the British Boxing Board of Control took the licence away from both fighters, as well as World Boxing Council and German Boxing Board. I understand tickets will sell, I understand that there’s a certain amount of viewers that want to see this fight but it’s nothing but a freak show and it casts a shadow over the sport of boxing. The behaviour of Dereck Chisora was not only a slap and spit in the face of the Klitschkos but a lot of boxing fans and past champions like Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. They have been trying to polish this sport and make it as glamorous and prestigious as possible and such behaviour is definitely putting down the sport. I’m not saying that Chisora shouldn’t get a second chance but not in the way its been done.

What do you think about our upcoming heavyweights Tyson Fury and David Price?
Tyson Fury and David Price belong to the future of this division. They are true heavyweights and I’m more than sure that they have qualities to become champions one day. They have to develop their talents and they’re developing pretty well so I’m more than sure they will reach the highest goals in sport.

Is it too soon for either of them to face a Klitschko?
I think you’ll never really know until it is right. I understand they’re young and they need to get experience, but at a certain point of time they will become our opponents possibly, so I think you will just know when it is right otherwise its going to be like the case with Alexander Povetkin. He has been trying to fight me but he always says, ‘I’m not ready yet, maybe next time’.

You take on Tony Thompson on July 7, a man you beat a couple of years ago – are you worried that you will or have run out of opponents?
I’m not worried about that because there are a lot of good fighters that are not well known and I’m fighting Thompson because he’s the No1 mandatory challenger with the IBF – one of the federations where I am a champion. I have no choice but to either drop the title or to fight against Thompson so I chose to fight him and I will do it properly.

Will you be giving the Ukraine team any words of encouragement before they kick off in Euro 2012?
My brother will be present at the games in the Ukraine and unfortunately I won’t be there because I’m going to be in training camp for my fight against Tony Thompson. Vitali is definitely going to motivate the team and be supporting this event as much as he can. It’s going to be a tough competition for sure and to play England is going to be really, really tough. An English team won the Champions League so that shows how good they are.

If you could test yourself against one of the heavyweight greats, who would you pick?
I will never pick anyone from history, I will let history stay where it is because the champion’s attitude is as follows: it doesn’t matter who is in front of me I’m going to knock him out. And those champions have the same attitude that’s why it’s unfair if I’m going to compare myself with one of those fighters. These modern days you can have a computer game and play with the great fighters from any era. But I prefer to let the history stay where it is.

What is the best moment of your career so far?
I hope the best moment of my career is still to come. I’m not done with my career to talk about it in past tense, I’m looking towards the future and hope I will be happy and lucky enough to experience the best moment of my career in the future.

Klitschko is in selected Empire cinemas for a limited time and available on DVD and Blu-ray from May 28 courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK)