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Haye vs Chisora big fight opinions | Boxing Futures

Haye vs Chisora big fight opinions

Written by - Jun 19, 2012

With just under four weeks to go until the big heavyweight dust-up at Upton Park between David Haye and Dereck Chisora, live and exclusive on BoxNation (Sky 456, Virgin 546), leading British fight figures give their verdicts on the fight…

David Price (British heavyweight champion): ‘Its David Haye for me, because of his speed and reflexes. Dereck has shown himself to be plenty durable but fighting all those huge guys like Tyson Fury, Robert Helenius and Vitali Klitschko, he’s been hit on the top of the head as people punch down on him. David Haye’s around the same height and I think he’ll really test his jaw. Their styles should gel nicely. Chisora comes forward and sets a good pace but he’s there to be hit and, unlike the Klitschkos, he’ll be right in David’s range. I see Haye operating off the back foot, Chisora walking onto his power shots and Haye winning by stoppage in the mid rounds. It’s very interesting. Despite the controversy, it’s a fight everybody wants to see. And I expect it to live up to expectations.’

Kell Brook (welterweight contender): ‘David Haye wins in about seven rounds. He’s got that fast explosive power and Chisora certainly isn’t a Wladimir Klitschko. He’s neither as big nor as rangy. Haye’s going to let some bombs off, hurt him and take him out. Because of the grudge, this is one big fight that I think will live up to expectations. It’s very interesting. Can’t wait!’

Jim McDonnell (trainer): ‘I know Haye is expected to win but I’ve a strong feeling for Chisora even though he’s effectively coming off three losses to Tyson Fury, Robert Helenius and Vitali Klitschko. The quality of his performance against Vitali was completely overshadowed by all the after fight bulls**t. Vitali has ferocious power, hits at a level far above David Haye, yet Dereck stood very solid against him. The skills are certainly with David and, if he goes on his boxing, no doubt he’ll prove too sharp and crisp over the first six or seven rounds. But Chisora is a caveman. He’ll keep taking the shots and prove a bit too strong down the stretch. He’ll probably have to take a lot of lick but he’s so strong in his mind. Its possible Dereck might even stop him very late. Given the grudge, there’s going to be a lot of spite involved. Chisora wins because of his mind, not his skill. He’s a genuine hard man and, at some stage, he’s going to land some shots. If both arrive fully trained and highly tuned, I see Chisora winning.’

Johnny Eames (trainer): ‘Haye wins, probably by stoppage in the second half of the fight. He’s just the better, more complete fighter. He’s got more speed and power and Chisora won’t see his big shots coming. I expect it to be a decent scrap. If the needle starts to creep in I feel David Haye will probably control himself better and that will be crucial. Dereck can be a bit of a loose cannon.’
Martin Murray (British middleweight champion): ‘It’ll be a good fight, for sure. I think both will really be fired up to punch the other’s head in so whoever can keep the coolest head on the night will probably prevail. I go with Haye, probably by stoppage. He’s boxed at the higher level and punches a lot harder. He’s also very quick –it’s the one’s you don’t see that really do damage – and, when Haye gets ‘em hurt, he doesn’t let ‘em off the hook.’

Billy Joe Saunders (Commonwealth middleweight champion): ‘Chisora is a better friend to me but I think Haye will probably win. Whereas Dereck just puts up a good show at top level, David has been winning at top level, and over a period of time. It’ll definitely be a good fight. Chisora could win but he’s coming off a few losses and I don’t think David has been retired long enough to have gone stale yet. I think David could outbox him and there might be a late knockout.’

Joe Gallagher (trainer): ‘I expect it to be a very close fight. Haye brings the skills and amateur pedigree. That should allow him to take an early lead - setting traps, poking, poking, poking - then Chisora starting to come on strong down the straight. I think Chisora is going to pull this off. Could this be Carl Thompson revisited, for David Haye? I was very impressed with Chisora’s resistance against both Robert Helenius and Vitali Klitschko and I thought his tactics against Vitali were brilliant. Inside the ring, he showed a different side, a smart Chisora, ducking, rolling, keeping a good spirit. That can only have given him a lot of confidence in his ability to compete at the very highest level. Chisora just kept coming, coming, coming and managed to drag Vitali into a fight. If he could close the distance down on someone as big and good as Vitali Klitschko, he’ll be able to close the distance on David Haye. He’ll certainly be able to exert more pressure than Wladimir Klitschko put on Haye. David may be forced into having a tear up just to contain him. A motivated Dereck Chisora is a very tough kid to beat. He showed no nerves in the biggest stage over in Munich and, in London, I see Del Boy as an immoveable presence.’

Scott Quigg (British super-bantamweight champion): ‘It’s going to get boxing a lot of attention and publicity. Even non-boxing fans will be desperate to tune in. For me, David Haye will break him up in about six rounds. Too quick, too sharp, too powerful. The skills, ability and levels of opposition all favour Haye. I know Chisora held up against Vitali but Haye’s got a completely different power to the Klitschkos, far quicker and more explosive. You don’t see his coming. That said, I think it’ll be an exciting, competitive fight. It’s conceivable that Dereck could get onto Haye’s chest early, apply pressure that forces Haye to work and denies Haye the leverage he needs. If he catches Haye, he can rough him up. I think that as soon as one gets hit really clean, tactics will go out the window and they’ll just get their heads down and have it off. That will favour Haye. I sense he can keep a cooler head.’

Ryan Rhodes (Former WBC light-middleweight challenger): ‘I think Haye will smash him. For me, Chisora’s far too one dimensional, plods straight forward and he’ll walk onto everything David lets loose. And David hits very hard. Though Chisora is a fit, fit fella, taking bombs like David Haye is going to drop on him is going to lead to him getting knocked out. And that’s taking into consideration Haye’s long absence. With the possibility of a fight with Vitali Klitschko, you can guarantee he’ll have been ticking over in the gym. I think Haye will probably stop him in six, seven, eight rounds.’

Kerry Hope (European middleweight champion): ‘I’d say David Haye wins. He punches too hard, is too quick and shall have too much skill for Dereck. My instincts are for Haye to succeed on points. I can’t really see him stopping Chisora. I think all the animosity they’ve had will help to make it a better fight. Both will be really committed, guaranteed. Lots of casual sports fans will want to tune in because of everything that has gone on before.’

Brendan Ingle (trainer): ‘I’m with Haye. I think he’ll have a little bit too much skill for Chisora. I see David breaking him down and stopping him in the mid to late rounds. I think it’s going to be a really good fight because it’ll come under such media scrutiny and neither will want to lose to the other. That’s bound to make it a better fight.’

Gavin Rees (European lightweight champion): ‘I think Haye destroys him pretty easily. He’s got miles more class. He’ll be way too fast and powerful and hits pretty hard so could even stop Chisora. I know Chisora proved how tough he is against Vitali Klitschko but Vitali’s not what he used to be. David Haye would beat Vitali now – wouldn’t have five or six years ago, mind. Chisora is easy to hit and I see Haye going through the gears, pot shotting him from the outside and pounding his way to a stoppage in seven or eight rounds. For me, its just about how many Chisora can take, rather than who wins.’

Paul Smith (Former British and Commonwealth super-middleweight champion): ‘Haye should win. He’s the better all round fighter but I don’t think he’ll blast Dereck out. Dereck’s got a great chin and I wouldn’t be surprised if he drags Haye into the later rounds. The question then will be: ‘Can Chisora make Haye fight?’ David hasn’t really engaged for a while now. But I think Haye’s speed will be the main factor. It’s possible that Haye could stop him with one he doesn’t see rather than just a brute power shot. Either way, points or stoppage, I see Haye victorious.’

Ashley Sexton (unbeaten super flyweight): ‘I’ve been in camps with both - Dereck as an amateur, David as a pro - and believe David will be the first to stop Chisora. Chisora is tailor made for David’s speed and power. That’ll be the difference. It all depends on how big a statement David wants to make. Dereck’s not the fastest so David might just run and hit and try to catch Chisora coming in with those lightning fast hands but I think there’s going to be fireworks and David could win inside three rounds. The Board aren’t going to take my licence away for talking to you about this, are they?!’

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