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Froch talks winning his belt back and more | Boxing Futures

Froch talks winning his belt back and more

Written by - Nov 30, 2010

We caught up with man of the moment Carl Froch to talk about his destruction of Arthur Abraham and having to listen to his missus screaming all the way through the fight.

Carl, good job. Was that the best performance of your career?
I think it was the right performance. I could have got the finish but my trainer Rob McCracken wouldn’t let me off the leash. Rob knows how I work and every time I put a few shots together and went to step in, all I could hear was Rob going ‘Now get out! Back up, back up!’ I didn’t want to back up, I wanted to stay and finish him off but I could have got caught so it was the right thing to do.

Could you also hear your girlfriend Rachael Cordingley screaming cos we certainly could?
She’s mad ain’t she? She was miked up for Fight Camp 360 and she was near the commentary team to make matters worse. But she was supporting me and she was emotional, bless her. She’d also had a little bit to drink as well!

Listen to some of Rachael’s best moments from ringside in the Hartwell Arena on Saturday night. You want the lady screeching in the background…

Froch vs Abraham: The Rachael Cordingley Commentary by BoxingFutures

How much of the crowd noise do you take in when you’re going about your business in the ring?
When the shouting’s loud enough I can hear it. It’s helpful sometimes, its encouraging when you can hear people shouting for you cos you know when you are doing well and it gives you a gee up. Like when I hear my brother going ‘C’mon bro, that’s beautiful, that’s good’, I think I must be doing well, but with Rachael it’s just violent abuse.

You’ve been in top class fights since you first won the WBC belt back in 2008 – what have you got to do to get some mainstream coverage?
Well Adam Smith who’s head of boxing at Sky put a tweet out saying he’s going to do his best to get me on Sky Sports so at least that’s a start. Abraham’s a world-class fighter that’s given everybody he’s stepped in the ring with a hard time and beating him in that fashion has made them realise that I mean business.

So the veteran Glen Johnson next for up you, are you looking forward to it?
Give me a chance! I want to relax now and enjoy Christmas with my family and newborn son, and then go back to training in the New Year for a fight in April, ideally.

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