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WBC ban Chisora indefinitely | Boxing Futures

WBC ban Chisora indefinitely

Posted on Feb 29, 2012

The World Boxing Council has banned Dereck Chisora ‘indefinitely’ and demanded he undergo ‘anger management’ therapy after his conduct in Germany a fortnight ago during his heavyweight title challenge.

Chisora fell foul of the organising body during a weekend of shame in which he slapped their longstanding heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko at the weigh-in, spat on his younger brother Wladimir in the ring, and then brawled with rival David Haye in a post-fight press conference.

The WBC, who said it was ‘one of the worst behaviours ever by a professional’, have also removed the Finchley fighter from its rankings and confirmed they are looking into hitting him with a ‘serious’ fine.

‘The WBC absolutely condemns behaviour that is not to be accepted in boxing under any circumstances and will act as soon as it can to impose the fines and sanctions we consider necessary,' said a statement issued by the organisation.
‘The WBC will take off from the WBC rankings the name of Dereck Chisora and declare an indefinite suspension against fighting again for a WBC title, while demanding Chisora take anger management medical treatment after which his suspension will be reconsidered.

‘Dereck Chisora is not going to tarnish the sport for those born in the humblest beds, who become sports heroes of the world to live a life of dignity and pride.’

Frank Warren, Chisora's promoter, criticised the WBC for failing to go through a full disciplinary process. 'What I find strange about this is that there hasn't been a hearing,' he told Sky Sports News.
'Somebody arbitrarily saying 'you're banned' can't be any form of natural justice. Even the police in Germany let Dereck Chisora go after questioning.

'A lot of things happened behind the scenes. There were some things which he did which absolutely were wrong, and I'm not condoning that. But at the end of the day you are entitled to a hearing before anybody makes a decision.'

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It may take you a while to realize that the monitor itself houses all of the computer parts. The newest of these computers are merely centimeters thick even when compromising everything. Behind the monitor is the heart of the computer,cheap christian louboutin shoes,cheap christian louboutin shoes sale,バーバリー財布, from the motherboard and sound card,christian louboutin heels,cheap sunglasses,cheap louboutin shoes, to the RAM and graphics card.
All-in-one desktop computers feature wi-fi technology meaning the only cable that you might see is the power cable. Along with a wireless mouse you may also find that the computer keyboard has wi-fi capability. You can take advantage of a wireless network and connect to the Internet without the need of cables. For even more convenience an all-in-one can communicate with peripherals wirelessly and mean less wire clutter.
With the surge of touchscreen handhelds on the market,oakley sunglasses sale,cheap louboutin shoes,monster beats, manufacturers of all in one desktop computers have followed suit and enabled their monitors with the same technology. The combination of advanced technology,christian louboutin pumps,christian louboutin sale,cheap oakley sunglasses, features and beautiful exterior will no doubt make these type of PCs a worthy contender in the computing department.

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