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Bellew: ‘Me vs Clev is a money-spinner’ | Boxing Futures

Bellew: ‘Me vs Clev is a money-spinner’

Posted on May 27, 2011

Commonwealth light-heavyweight champion Tony Bellew has claimed that the public wants to see him take on WBO champion Nathan Cleverly after their fiery press conference last week.

Bellew, who failed to make the weight for a last minute title shot against Cleverly last week, believes the insult-ridden press conference the pair shared live on Sky Sports News has got the nation baying for a match up between the two.

‘I was told the pay-per-view sales had started to go absolutely crazy after the press conference,’ said Bellew. ‘It was electric and everyone wanted to see the fight.  

‘Everyone wants to see the fight now and it’s just a case of the public demanding it happens and Sky wanting it to happen.

‘Frank Warren knows the business so he’s going to want this fight to happen. He knows it is a money-spinner, it’s massive, and if you ask me it’s got pay-per-view written all over it.

‘That press conference has done something like 10,000 hits on YouTube. It’s crazy. There were 5,000 people going to tune in from Liverpool to that pay-per-view fight, just on the back of that press conference.

‘A thousand Evertonians were willing to get on trains, buses, to do whatever they had to do to get to London for it. I would have been bringing crazy numbers with me to the O2 Arena. Hopefully it can get done and we can see it done as soon as possible.’

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