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Sturm confirms Macklin rematch | Boxing Futures

Sturm confirms Macklin rematch

Posted on Jul 9, 2011

WBA middleweight super champion Felix Sturm has confirmed his rematch with Matthew Macklin for a date in November after calling for the Irishman to settle their dispute like ‘men’.

Sturm and Macklin met in Germany last month in an enthralling battle, which the German won by a controversial points decision after having been dominated by the challenger for large parts of the contest.

The pair are set to return to the Lanxess Arena in Sturm’s hometown of Cologne to do it all again and the defending champion released the following statement with regards to the rematch:

‘It really was a close thing on June 25 at the Lanxess Arena. I think Matthew Macklin and I have put up a great fight that surely ranks among the best in the middleweight division.

‘As I said, it was very close, but I'm still firmly convinced that I have achieved the clearer results.  Of course, there still a lot of discussion, but all this talk will stop.

‘This afternoon my manager sent a contract for a rematch to Matthew Macklin’s camp. We have an appointment on the 25 - 26 November 2011 in the Lanxess Arena proposed.

‘My suggestion to Matthew Macklin: Let's clear the thing among men of the world. As I said, I'm ready and I'm sure we'll see an even bigger fight in November.’

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