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James Toney calls out the heavyweight division | Boxing Futures

James Toney calls out the heavyweight division

Posted on Oct 18, 2010

Seventeen years on from calling out the likes of Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank, James “Lights Out” Toney is still at it. The target of his tirade this time was the whole heavyweight division. Frustrated at not being able to secure a major fight in the division, Toney let rip at all and sundry last night…

On Antonio Tarver
“I’ll gladly be the first to knockout Antonio Tarver! He comes in and fights Nagy Aguilera and looks like shit doing it. I fought Evander Holyfield in my heavyweight debut so he don’t get a pass for that shit. He said he wants to get on Showtime, well tell him then you got to fight James Toney. TNT – Toney ‘n’ Tarver.”

On the rest of the heavyweight division
"These fighters treating me like I got AIDS. I want to come back and fight the Bitchschko Sisters, David Gaye or Tomasz Assdamek. How in the fuck couldn’t Vitali knock out that bum Shannon Briggs? And then Wladimir is fighting Shitsora [Derek Chisora], who has 14 fights. They would rather see him fight a guy with 14 professional fights than a future Hall of Famer with 80 fights. Audley Harrison’s gets a shot at the title on the strength of beating someone who was 32-12. I did my research to see what these guys who are getting shots had accomplished and the answer to all of them is nothing!"

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