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Judah claims Khan fight close | Boxing Futures

Judah claims Khan fight close

Posted on Dec 15, 2010

Former undisputed welterweight champ ‘Super’ Zab Judah has indicated that he will be Amir Khan’s next opponent.

Judah, who only this year returned to campaigning in the light-welterweight division for the first time since 2003, said on his Twitter yesterday evening, ‘Fight almost done, Judah vs Khan! USA or UK?’

The Las Vegas-based fighter’s case looks strong after being mentioned by Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer as a possible homecoming opponent for Khan before a unification fight with the winner of Tim Bradley vs Devon Alexander.

Schaefer told, ‘We would be interested in exploring a fight with the winner of Bradley vs Alexander in July. We want to get Amir a fight back in England first. One of the names mentioned for April is Zab.’

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