Chris Rock threatens to cut Prince Naseem

Written by - Nov 13, 2012
In the run-up to Prince Naseem's bout with Wayne McCullough in 1998, Chris Rock crashed Hamed's dressing room and confronts the Champ in...

Entrance 10/10 - performance 1/10

Written by - Nov 12, 2012
This cheeky video of plucky Usman 'Uzzy' Ahmed giving us an incredibly creative ring entrance before getting sparked out in spectacular...

When showboating goes disastrously wrong

Written by - Oct 31, 2012
The one guarantee here, is that when this chump woke up, his first words were 'I was doing so well, what happened?'

David Haye on Price, Fury, Kitschko and Skelton

Written by - Oct 18, 2012
David Haye was interviewed by iFilm London at the George Groves press conference. Here’s what he had to say on… Vitali Klitschko...

Tyson Fury's reaction to Price v Harrison

Written by - Oct 15, 2012
When Channel 5 invited Tyson Fury to give his thoughts on Saturday night, they clearly had no idea the man was simmering with pent up frustration....

Heavyweight champion of the world in the year 2032

Written by - Oct 12, 2012
This little chap wasn't born in the conventional way, he punched his way out of the womb. When the midwife slapped his bottom to get the...

The Greatest: The original movie

Written by - Oct 10, 2012
Long before Will Smith donned the neat Afro and sharp witticisms to play the greatest boxer to lace up gloves, 'The Greatest' himself...

Fish and a ricecake - the meal of champions

Written by - Oct 6, 2012
Just like boxers, bodybuilders have to be in tip top condition on the day of the competition. This heroic chap in the video has consulted culinary...

Bernard Hopkins: 'MMA is gay porn!'

Written by - Oct 1, 2012
When it comes to the UFC and mixed martial arts, B-Hop is very clear. He just doesn't like it, 'I don't want to watch two grown men...

Manny Pacquiao HP commercial

Written by - Sep 27, 2012
Having become a household name in America Manny Pacquiao has finally got the seal of approval for his mainstream-ness by bagging his very own...

Every Rocky film in five seconds

Written by - Sep 18, 2012
When you need to get your Rocky fix but simply don't have time to sit for hours in front of the box, this video will do the trick. Rocky barely...

Boxing Riots - the top 5

Written by - Sep 17, 2012
Sometimes two combatants in the ring are not nearly enough for some people, they feel the need to step in themselves. Here are some occasions when...

Rendall Munroe's new ice bath

Written by - Sep 13, 2012
Rendal shows us how to seamlessly mix your training with your work! (Thanks to Hatton Boxing)

Legendary comedian Richard Pryor on boxing

Written by - Sep 11, 2012
In this hilarious clip, American comedian Richard Pryor RIP talks about getting in the ring with Ali and fighting in the Golden Gloves against men...

Does Jessica Ennis owe her success to boxing?

Written by - Sep 6, 2012
To advertise their new sports performance drink, Powerade pitted World and European heptahlon champion Jessica Ennis against three lads from the...

Be inspired: Tyson vs Buster Douglas

Written by - Sep 5, 2012
When James Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson on February 11, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan of all places, he caused the biggest upset in boxing history...

Best boxing ad ever?

Written by - Sep 4, 2012
HBO’s viral for their Boxing After Dark program has got to be one of the best boxing adverts ever. It’s called ‘I still have a...

Tea With Tyson

Written by - Aug 30, 2012
Ever wondered where Mike Tyson stands on the Earl Grey Vs Chamomile tea debate? Ever lay awake at night questioning whether Iron Mike would send a...

Women's boxing wasn't always of today's professional high standard

Written by - Aug 9, 2012
This fight between Ethel Scrump of Wakefield on the left and Gladys Balderdash of plymouth of Norway was fought on Hackey Marshes in 1912. The bout...

Haye vs Chisora: Beyond The Ropes Episode 1

Written by - Jun 29, 2012
BoxNation kick off their 24/7 style documentary series following David Haye and Dereck Chisora's journey to their colossal showdown at West Ham...